Enterprise Software, Cloud Computing, Telecom

Technology is in our DNA. Emerging Media was founded to help technology companies harness the power of public relations to help drive awareness and sales. 10 years later we are still fulfilling this mission for our clients

Our management team has a combined 30 years of experience working in and with technology companies and over the years we have worked with firms of all sizes, from start-up to grown up. They have included those who create, sell and consult in:

  • Enterprise software
  • Payments Systems
  • Cloud Computing
  • Semiconductors
  • Graphic arts software
  • Financial software
  • Billing systems
  • Network software / hardware
  • Telecom/carrier software
  • Productivity tools
  • CRM systems

We have helped more than 30 technology companies harness the power of public relations to make an impact in their business. Below are a few samples of the results of our work

Breaking New Ground: See how we helped a 25 year old company bolster their sales and revenue in new markets


Accelerating Sales with PR: See how we helped a start-up company make headway into a crowded marketplace and achieve 270% growth year-over-year


Building Customer Heroes: Learn how we leveraged our client’s clients to tell their story and help drive 30% sales growth year-over-year


Clients – Past and Present