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CLIENT: Equitrac Corp INDUSTRY: Software...

CLIENT: Equitrac Corp

INDUSTRY: Software

Equitrac Corp, the global leader of intelligent print management and cost recovery software solutions, was looking to bolster its sales initiatives in several new markets. The company had built a tremendous market share for their products in the legal field and had started leveraging that success by branching out into new markets. Equitrac enlisted Emerging Media PR specifically to support sales and marketing initiatives in the education, financial services and health markets. Our charge was to garner media coverage around Equitrac’s business, new products and updated services to help bolster its recognition and sales among its partners and resellers.

  • Our work resulted in more than 35 feature stories about Equitrac in financial, education and healthcare publications
  • We built out several case studies that yielded feature stores
  • Assisted in building the social media presence for the company
  • Supported Equitrac’s investment in multiple industry focused trade shows
  • Created a “Green” initiative that played a role in all PR and marketing activities

Our work culminated with the purchase of Equitrac by Nuance Communications for $157 million in the spring of 2011.

Emerging Media created an integrated messaging, marketing, social media and public relations strategy that focused on demonstrating how Equitrac’s Print Management software was helping customers “Go Green.” The campaign included:

Going Green Initiative
We quickly saw the impact Equitrac’s software was having on the sustainability initiatives for almost all of their customers. We created messaging that emphasized Equitrac’s critical role in helping companies, institutions and enterprises reduce their overall printing and consolidate their printing/copying equipment, as well as its key link and role in bridging document management needs with the vision of a paperless future. In doing so, we:

  • Measured the results in high impact, easy to understand metrics: # of Pages Reduced= # of Trees Saved
  • Ereated an Eco Index that calculates the environmental savings across several parameters as a result of reduction in printed pages, including: Trees, Oil, Water, Land Fill, CO2 Emmissions

Analyst Relations
We worked with the analyst community to position Equitrac as a leader in print management and document processing. Emerging Media pitched and coordinated an tour of top tier analysts in the financial market and document output space. The presentations shared the expanding role of document management and how Equitrac was pushing toward higher-level business processes.

Thought Leadership Initiatives
Emerging Media worked with Equitrac to craft, write and place executive bylines in publications covering Equitrac’s key customer markets including print management, healthcare and legal. Bylines focused on the best practices and solutions utilized by organizations looking to reduce paper waste and cut operational costs.

Case Studies
We worked with Equitrac’s customers to highlight successful implementations of the company’s software in high schools, colleges and universities as well as financial organizations. We gathered background intelligence and highlighted the implementation, adoption, results and best practices in each. We pitched these case studies to industry publications that became feature stories, white papers and webinars.

Event Support
We worked with Equitrac to provide media support around their attendance at conferences and events across the country. We worked with Equitrac to strategically create news to publicize at conferences and secured meetings with key attending media. Events included:

  • Association of Legal Administrators (ALA)
  • CIO Healthcare Summit
  • Educause
  • Green InfoTech Summit
  • ALA National Conference
  • EduComm

From April 2010 to July 2011, Emerging Media placed more than 35 features, concentrating efforts on Equitrac’s key customer verticals and the reseller market. These articles yielded more than 2 million impressions.

Of the articles, there were 13 product-focused articles, 12 bylines and 10 customer-focused case studies. Features were published in diverse markets including education, financial services, print management, healthcare and legal.

In addition, we crafted and distributed 13 press releases around Equitrac’s business, successful implementations, product enhancements, company milestones and awards won.

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Did you know that U.S. workers account for roughly 30 percent of the world’s paper consumption — roughly 10,000 pages per person per year. I didn’t either, but that’s one of the statistics that print management software company Equitrac brandishes as one of its sales motivators.

Printing Software Cuts Cost, Paper. Through a software-based reporting system, schools and universities save money and slash the number of pages they print by more than half.

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A Pathway to Paperless: The Promise of Print Management Software. They’re not there yet, but print management software has helped administrators make deep cuts in faculty and student paper use, trimming costs while protecting the environment.

KeyBank’s Print Control Outputs Savings. You can’t manage what you can’t measure, and once you start measuring, things have a way of turning around quickly. That’s been Keybank’s experience, where recent efforts to track corporate printing down to the employee level has measured up to $2 million in annual savings, a reduction the bank says translates into saving about 70 acres of mature trees annually

B.C. school district offers print management tips: The Central Okanagan School District said it slashed printed pages among staff by 20 per cent within one year. Find out why the school district says auditing and printing limits are a key step in changing user behaviour

On The Offense: Whether the ball is in his court or not, you can be sure that Michael Rich is playing offense. For proof, just look at what he’s doing with Equitrac Corp. in the midst of a recession.

Equitrac Corporation, a global leader of print and cost management software solutions, has been leading the way in print management for decade. Equitrac participated in print management long before it became an industry buzzword.