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Accelerating Sales With PR



INDUSTRY: Software

Emerging Media was tasked with helping this start-up company make headway into a crowded marketplace with strong competitors that were larger, publicly-traded and well-established and had a big head start. Our objectives were to:

  • Build credibility with key reporters and influencers
  • Position XMPie as the most advanced software in the dynamic publishing market
  • Utilize the media to influence potential partners and customers
  • Dislodge competitors with tremendous brand recognition, thousands of customers and larger budgets at their disposal

Emerging Media used XMPie’s size as an advantage in the marketplace. We decided to focus on key industry publications and work faster and harder than our competition to get great story ideas and case studies to the reporters. This included:

  • Attacking the issues in the marketplace to shake up the status quo with innovative ideas and bold challenges
  • Winning the hearts and minds of analysts and industry experts
  • Pummeling the competition with innovative products and compelling, real world, case studies
  • Getting face time with reporters at every industry trade show

XMPie and its customers were the subject of dozens of feature stories in key publications. Emerging Media averaged several stories per month for more than 3 years. In addition:

  • Several feature stories generated direct sales for the company
  • XMPie’s CEO was regularly sought after for commentary on the topics of variable data printing and dynamic publishing
  • The company achieved better than 270% revenue growth, year over year
  • Strengthened global partnerships with key industry vendors (Xerox, Adobe, etc.)
  • XMPie was acquired by Xerox for $54 million, and still maintains its own brand identity.